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Longarm Services



Quilt Dimensions in inches (W)____________            (L)____________

Quilting is calculated:  W x L = Square Inches x Quilting cost = Total

Minimum charge for quilting service: $50.00

Backing: This may be provided by the customer or bought from us.

Batting: The customer may provide this (We DO NOT accept custom-made batting or upholstery batting.) or purchase from us.  Pieced batting is accepted.  We carry Quilters Dream batting: 100% Cotton: 4 lofts, 70/30 & 80/20 cotton-poly blend, 100%Polyester: 4 lofts, Puff Polyester, Bamboo, Wool, Black & fusible 80/20 blend. We also carry Hobbs 96" by the roll and double-sided fusible.

Quilting Pattern: We have over 7,000 patterns to choose from

Thread Color: We use both 100% cotton, cotton-poly blend, 100% polyester.

Variegated threads are available at a $10.00 upcharge.

~May we use your quilt on social media?                                                 Yes      No

~Is the quilt back Squared?                                                             Yes      No

~Is the quilt top or back directional?                                                         Yes      No

~Does the backing extend 6" beyond the quilt top on all sides?            Yes      No

~Does batting extend 4" beyond the quilt top on all sides?                    Yes      No

~Quilt top and backing neatly pressed and threads removed?              Yes      No


Edge-to-Edge - Loose /Medium density               $0.02 / Square Inch

Edge-to-Edge - Tight / Heavy density                   $0.04 / Square Inch

Custom                                                                      Starts at $0.05 / Square Inch


Binding Services:

Full hand binding service:

We cut, make, and apply the binding (hand-sewn to the back): $0.25 per linear inch

Make and attach, you hand-sew to the back:                                 $0.15 per linear inch

Attach binding to front only. You supply prepared binding:     $0.10 per linear inch           

Piecing Back:                                                                                      $10 per seam

Squaring quilt when finished:                                                         $10.00


**Quilt top, batting, and backing provided by the customer should NOT be pinned or basted together.  Please submit the batting, backing, and quilt top in THREE separate pieces.

**If the backing is seamed, the quilt finishes better if the seam is horizontal to the top edge.

**Scheetz Sew Creative is not responsible for unsewn seams, folds, or bunching in fabric due to fullness in seams or borders while quilting.

**All quilts are finished on a first come first served basis.  There is a $30 fee for expedited quilts.  Custom quilts MAY NOT have a deadline.

** We reserve the right to decline any quilt.


The shop rate fee is $30.00 per hour for pressing, trimming threads, seam repair, seaming back, or squaring backing.  To avoid these charges please make sure your quilt is completely ready to be loaded when shipping or dropping your quilt off.

Thank You for choosing Scheetz Sew Creative


667 Roundtop Rd, Wellsboro, PA  16901