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Small Quilt Ruler Cutter

Avoid slips and uneven strips-common to rotary cutters-with this powerful cutting tool that uses a standard 45mm rotary cutting blade. Save time; cut up to six layers of fabric with one swipe. Clear markings along the side of the ruler plus easy-to read measurements in red at 1/8in 1/4in 1/2in and 1in increments; also 30 45 and 60 degree angle lines. Safe cutting with the blade fully enclosed. Safe cutting with the blade fully enclosed. When cutting action is finished blade retracts automatically into the carriage. Quickly change blade without screws or springs. Exclusive magnetic system holds the blade in place for easy cleaning and replacement. Note Pinking wave or other decorative edge blades cannot be used on this blade carrier. Great Size to take to or keep in class. Overall Size 4.5inx13.5in.